About Us

We believe LAB grown is the future. A sustainable and accessible option to the most beautiful gemstone we know: the diamond.

As diamond dealers who have been in this business for over 40 years we are excited to be a part of the journey, as a family, that we believe will change the way we invest and cherish our jewelry forever.

Unlock the secret of diamonds. Unvaulted was born to combine exquisite design and handpicked LAB grown diamonds for every occasion.

From engagement rings to fashionable jewelry our brand values craftsmanship and transparency.

Welcome to the world of Unvaulted,


Brigitte, Nurielle, Chantal, Meira and Tobie.

Unvaulted is


Our LAB diamonds are sustainably grown in zero-emission labs right here in the USA using a technology that mimics nature’s diamond-forming process like high pressure and temperature.

That process forms a beautiful stone chemically and visually identical to a natural diamond.



Our mission is to make your diamond dreams a reality. No need to compromise on carats or quality. We carefully design and source the best diamonds to deliver the most competitive prices on the market.



Crafted in 14k gold and LAB diamonds our pieces are carefully crafted by the most incredible craftsman in NYC. We guarantee the best quality to assure that you'll be able to wear, cherish and enjoy your beautiful jewelry forever.

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